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Real Spanking for Over Spending - SD 640x480 - With Actress: Samantha Woodley [66.1 MB] (2019)

Real Spanking for Over Spending - SD 640x480 - With Actress: Samantha Woodley [66.1 MB] (2019)

This was one of those spankings that is awesome, for the mere fact that Samantha came to me for help with something she wanted curbed in her personal life. This time it was spending that was a concern to her and meriting a sound, bare bottomed spanking. You know the spending of which I speak here don’t you? the comfort buying, the boredom buying, the buying that sometimes leaves you short for something that really needs to be paid. Her visa bill was pretty impressive ( if she were a Hilton ) So, I took the time to follow up on this bottom burning by actually looking at her following bill…that however is another story. What she starts with is a good, hard, hand spanking. Samantha has never looked more radiant! Wouldn’t you agree? Now comes the time to snatch those panties down and get down to business! The leather paddle, large wooden spoon and huge bath brush all leave their marks …ah ha! , but not alone mind you! Her bottom was gelled and the sting of her spankings intensified an already severe lesson. You will love her banter and the way she hands back each implement over her shoulder, knowing what was awaiting her when she did. Oh BTW… at the end of the first video you will hear someone yelling from the other room. It was Sierra Salem being moody. What she got for breakfast the next morning was eggs, toast and a whippin,’ as Samantha looked on wth a twinkle in her eye. Let’s face it…Samantha Woodley was a woman in need. She needed to be put in her place. She needed to be made to do things that were hard. She needed to be taught respect for her disciplinarian. She needed to be made to say ‘ Yes Sir’. She needed SEVERE spankings, as a way to bring her misdeeds and misguidance to a painful and thought-provoking fruition.

Genres: DallasSpanksHard, Samantha Woodley - Real Spanking for Over Spending, SD

Duration: 00:06:56
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 66.1 MB

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