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The Second Spanking – Part 2 - FullHD 1920x1080 - With Actress: Kitty [711 MB] (2019)

The Second Spanking – Part 2 - FullHD 1920x1080 - With Actress: Kitty [711 MB] (2019)

Kitty had been spanked earlier in the day for watching television the night before at 3 am and awakening her mother. Later that day, the girl was sentenced to another spanking before bed as she had broken one of her mother’s most precious vases and then attempted to conceal the issue from her mom. When called into the room for her spanking, Kitty was already sobbing and pleading not to be spanked. Her mother was having none of this, especially as she suspected that Kitty’s mishap was intentional, as a way of paying her mother back for her spanking that morning. Kitty was instructed to lift her nightshirt and lower her panties. Kitty pleaded not to be spanked on the bare, but her mother directed that she was to remove her panties completely. When Kitty informed her that this time she was to be spanked with the leather paddle, Kitty’s tears flowed even harder. After going over her mother’s lap she cried out as the leather paddled landed hard upon her naked bottom. As her mother landed the paddled time and again upon Kitty’s sore naked bottom. Kitty cried and begged for the torment to stop. Tears and snot dripped from her face as she endured what felt as a punishment worse than any other. Finally, as Kitty’s mother felt that the lesson had gotten across, she Skyler allowed Kitty to get up, rub her bottom and go to bed.

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Duration: 00:09:37
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 711 MB

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